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"Ryan's recipes are always accessible, affordable, and most importantly, super tasty. There's a reason I gave him the nickname Great Scott...His 'One to Five' concept is so good, I give it a 10!"-RACHAEL RAY

"Ryan is a riot and a darn good chef! His amazing book One to Five is so fun, so simple, and so Ryan." -KATHIE LEE GIFFORD & HODA KOTB

"In this slam dunk of a cookbook for any busy or novice cook, Ryan takes away all the excuses for why you can't make a delicious meal." -CARLA HALL

"Reading One to Five by my friend Ryan is like hanging out with him. He's one of the most creative, knowledgeable and humorous chefs I know." -SUNNY ANDERSON

"Ryan Scott is one of the great chefs of his generation. He proves that every day in San Francisco...and now he gives us all a chance to be great in our own kitchens." -PAT MONAHAN

"Ryan Scott proves again he's more than just a good head of hair-he's a damned good cook too. This book is front and center on the shelf in our kitchen." -WILLIE GEIST

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